Using UN's sustainable development goals to enhance mobility 25 Mar 2019 09:30 12:30

Using UN's sustainable development goals to enhance mobility 25 Mar 2019 09:30 12:30

Dr Angelos Stefanidis Presenter
Mr Tayyeb Shah Presenter

Using UN's sustainable development goals to enhance mobility

This workshop is best described by previous international student participants: I recently attended a Global Challenges Summit (mobility event) that completely changed my perspective and offered new ways to make my contribution to make the planet a better place. It was great to spend the day learning how each of us can play our role in transforming the world, to be able to discuss this and listen to great presentations with the other international students enabled by Technology was an added bonus. From the presentations we got to know about having a sustainability department and team that carries out activities that have a positive impact on the environment and society to embedding education for sustainable development to equip students with the skills and right mindset to acknowledge, work and live in a way that transforms lives and societies positively. The event provided a platform for students to know about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and be more globally aware. Personally, I shared the days learnings with my other classmates and I intend to be an SDG ambassador in my community for it doesnt matter how small you start, it is that you started in the first place.

Develop virtual and physical mobility opportunities, such as a Global Challenges Summit, to deliver extra-curricular events around the world with partner universities, NGOs, and governmental agencies. Support students and staff to build intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies within a global context via multidisciplinary, international collaboration and interaction. Provide foundations for partnerships and mutual learning between students, researchers, businesses and society at large. Develop competencies that empower students to generate and evaluate ideas, nurture an innovation mindset and reflect on their actions, taking into account current and future social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts, from a local and a global perspective.



Dr Angelos Stefanidis
Associate Dean Global Engagement
Faculty of Science and Technology
Bournemouth University

Provide leadership, operational development and delivery of the Universitys global engagement plan by supporting recruitment, international partnerships, students and staff mobility, education, research and professional practice activities on and off campus.

Mr Tayyeb Shah
Deputy Vice President (Global Business Development)
King's College London

A highly motivated client service-focused, entrepreneurial and commercially astute leader, manager and facilitator with wide international experience and higher education connections.

Room 303