IEAA Research Agenda - shaping the future of international education

IEAA Research Agenda - shaping the future of international education

26 Mar 2019 15:00 15:20

26-March-2019 / Tuesday / 15:00 - 15:20


The IEAA Research Committee has developed a research agenda to promote priorities that are important for the Australian international education sector, and to help develop collaborative relationships with other bodies. Through this agenda we aim to: - embed research as a critical component our work - provide value to the member base - strengthen policy and decision making, building on the repository of evidence-based research that underpins our advocacy activity - foster collaboration with other associations and peak bodies. Consultation determined four priority themes of inquiry over the next three to five years. The research agenda is supported by a strong focus on ‘research in action’ – practical, accessible and valuable insights informed by evidence


  1. Participants understand the process that undertaken to design an IEAA research agenda, which outlines research priorities for the next 3 years.
  2. Participants have an understanding of current research priorities and how they can access and inform the research program (what we do and the mechanisms we have to do it)
  3. Participants learn how they can become involved in the IEAA research network - Current research projects are profiled.


Ms Renee Chalon 
Research Manager,

Renee has a breadth of experience in research, policy and strategy development relating to international education and tertiary education. She also has a strong background in data and analysis, having spent over 10 years with the Australian Government in various data and research-based roles (ABS, Productivity Commission).

Dr Davina Potts
Associate Director,
Global Leadership and Employability,
Global Mobility,
The University of Melbourne, Australia

Davina has worked in international education for 20 years, in a career than spans four continents. Her research interests include international higher education with a focus on the intersection of international experiences and employment.