The Powerful Impact of Asia Experience in the future jobs

The Powerful Impact of Asia Experience in the future jobs

26 Mar 2019 15:00 15:20

26-March-2019 / Tuesday / 15:00 - 15:20


Asia as an exchange destination is getting popular among most of the European students. The reasons behind this fact is not only for economic development but also for the academic excellence and research capacity along with cultural diversity. Likewise in Europe, partnership development with the universities in Asia gained importance in Turkey for the last decade. Due to the geopolitical factors, Turkey has strong economic and political relations with most of these countries. Sabancı University is one of the leading research university in Turkey, and Asia partnerships has been one of the priorities since establishment. SU promotes Asia Exchange intensively among their students to equip them with the necessary academic, technical and cultural skills to become truly global citizens initiating and developing collaborations with Asia and the rest of the world, also to appreciate different cultures and learn from them Based on the case study of the students at SU who participated in exchange programs for both study and internship in Asian countries, acquired data indicates the impact of the exchange experience on academic studies, first employability and employability in Asian companies or graduate studies in Asia. The data provides both qualitative and quantitative data on student experience.


  1. What makes Asia exchange popular among students?
  2. Case study: Sabanci University’s exchange programs in Asia and student participation in semester, short-term exchange and/or internship programs. Sabancı University has 45 active partnership agreement in Asian countries like Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong. Since 2008, in total 250 students experienced semester exchange in one of these countries and 73 students had an internship. The case study will show statistical data on the career choices of students after Asia exchange For the undergraduate students; Did the experience effect their decision on pursuing the graduate studies or career in Asia? Did the experience have an effect on their current studies? For the students who graduated from their program after the internship, Did the experience have an impact on first employability? Did the experience have an impact on following graduate studies? Did the experience have an impact on current employability? (selection of job sector/employability in related countries)
  3. General Evaluation and remarks based on the data provided by the student experience.
  4. How does this data help for the promotion of these countries during the exchange program application at SU? Testimonial and statistical data is effectively used for the promotional materials and social media campaigns.


Ms Zeynep Ezgi Erdem 
Exchange Programs and Partnership Development Specialist,
International Relations Office,
Sabancı University,

I have been working in the field of International Education for 4 years. I specialized in mobility advising, partnership development and project budgeting. I support partnerships and Erasmus+ ICM collaborations in non-traditional destinations. I was the project leader for the organization of International Staff Week in my previous company.