A Case Study of Internationalization-at-Home at a Japanese University

A Case Study of Internationalization-at-Home at a Japanese University

28 Mar 2019 10:30 11:00

28-March-2019 / Thursday / 10:30 - 11:00


In Japan, the government has been taking initiatives to internationalize higher education for over 40 years now, and universities are experiencing various reforms and self-improvement processes. Until 2000, the focus was to increase student mobility both inbound and outbound, to develop English-taught programs with an emphasis on recruiting international students from around the world. However, in more recent years, the ways to internationalize the campus is also regarded as an essential process for internationalization, and it is reflecting more diversity and new trends. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce a case study conducted at a Japanese national university. In this presentation, the presenter will discuss the evolution and process of the internationalization of Japanese higher education in the past few decades based on the data obtained from individual interviews with stakeholders. This presentation mainly focuses on students’ view, as stakeholders, towards promotion of internationalization on campus. Then the presenter will also examine how Japanese universities are transforming themselves by introducing some innovative cases to move the internationalization of Japanese higher education to a new level, and implication for the university. The presenter would like to exchange opinions with participants at the end of the session.

By joining this session, the participants will: -Become familiar with the latest efforts in internationalization at Japanese universities in general. -Understand how a leading national university in Japan promoted internationalization on campus. -Learn how the stakeholders of the university, including senior administrators, faculty members, domestic and international students, perceive the promotion of internationalization. -Learn the rationales for internationalization among the stakeholders of the university.


A/Prof Mina Mizumatsu 
Assistant Professor,
Tohoku University,

Mina has many years of experience working in the field of international education. She is now a PhD Candidate at the University of Minnesota.