Canada: Supporting the Development of Global Citizens

Canada: Supporting the Development of Global Citizens

28 Mar 2019 10:30 11:00

28-March-2019 / Thursday / 10:30 - 11:00


International Experience Canada (IEC) is a youth mobility program managed by the Government of Canada, that facilitates work visas allowing Canadian youth to work/travel in any of Canada’s over 30 partner countries. Youth from these countries may also work/travel in Canada. Through IEC, youth can undertake international work opportunities (e.g. internships, co-ops related to program of study), immerse in different cultures, and acquire valuable skills/competencies. International experiences are known to support the development of “global citizens” in today’s increasing interconnected and global marketplace; yet, challenges to mobility remain – e.g. the lack of credit/recognition for international internships commonly result in missed opportunities for students. If truly committed to global citizenry, stronger collaboration between educational institutions, industry and government is needed.

This session will provide an overview of the International Experience Canada (IEC) program, and outline collaborative initiatives the Government of Canada has undertaken to address barriers to outbound mobility amongst students/youth and increase the number of youth who have international work experiences. Audience members will also be engaged in an open dialogue to:

  1. discuss how initiatives like IEC can be leveraged by different organizations/institutions;
  2. share best practices and recommendations on how to address barriers to outbound mobility amongst students/youth;
  3. discuss the types of partnerships that could be created with International Experience Canada to encourage greater reciprocal mobility to/from Canada and the Asia-Pacific region (and beyond); and,
  4. discuss concrete next steps that could be taken by Canada and others to further support students/youth’s acquisition of valuable international study-related work experiences.



Liz Hong-Farrell
Assistant Director, International Experience Canada
Su-Ping Walther
Senior Policy Analyst, International Experience Canada