Competence-Based Teacher Education - Education for All

Competence-Based Teacher Education - Education for All

26 Mar 2019 15:00 15:20

26-March-2019 / Tuesday / 15:00 - 15:20


Teacher education is one of the key elements in nation's success and societal well-being. In the poster we present the key concept of the 21st century teacher education focusing on transferable skills and pedagogical approaches which are designed to empower both the future teacher as well as their pupils to maintain their intellectual and professional agility on the rapid changes of the present day global societies.


  1. Understanding competence-based teacher education
  2. Recognition of acquired competences in learner-centered approaches
  3. Pedagogical competence as a tool for inclusion
  4. empowering professionals as change makers


Mr Kimmo Kuortti 
Head of Global Education Solutions,
School of Professional Teacher Education,
Oulu University of Applied Sciences,

Over 20 years in the higher education sector in roles such as teacher, Director of International relations and Admissions and more recently in education export have developped my capcity to view the challenges facing us from a wide prespective while designing practical solutions to them


Ms Anna Korpi
Counsellor, Education and Science, Embassy of Finland in Singapore

Anna Korpi works as the education and science counsellor for the Finnish government to support international cooperation of Finnish education and science with global partners. Anna is part of the Team Finland Knowledge-network jointly established by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the effort to increase the international connections, impact and quality of Finnish education, higher education and research.