A Research Agenda for Global Internships: Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific

A Research Agenda for Global Internships: Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific

27 Mar 2019 10:30 11:00

27-March-2019 / Wednesday / 10:30 - 11:00


What are the linkages between higher education and global talent? How do we measure employability outcomes related to transnational education? Which innovations in applied learning should move beyond pilot program to become embedded within the curriculum? Who are the students interning outside their home country or beyond their country of study? When can we best engage students and employers? These are among the many current and potential lines of inquiry related to global internships. As we work to build a research agenda for this emerging and evolving field, join to discuss your questions and the unique perspectives from the-Asia-Pacific as well as first steps to launching or expanding a research project.

Learning Outcomes for this poster follow:

  1. Define the terms global internships and research agenda (as part of higher education landscape, particularly as relates to transnational education and international students)
  2. Describe highlights from past and current research related to global internships, within specific thematic areas (including outcomes, student learning, compare/contrast study abroad or domestic internships, and longitudinal studies)
  3. Identify gaps in research (through interactive exercise where poster participants write questions on post its and place in relevant thematic areas)
  4. Consider unique perspective of the Asia-Pacific region as relates to research agenda for global internships (what are opportunities for focused or fresh research? How might these be approached? What can be expanded from global perspective to link regional insights?)
  5. Explore first steps in launching or expanding a research project (what might be a pilot project? Which resources are available to continue the conversation? How can research be more accessible to wider range of stakeholders?


Dr Kate Moore 
Content Committee,
Global Internship Conference,

Kate Moore serves as Co-chair of the Global Internship Conference Content Committee and Executive Director of the Academic Internship Council. Kate holds a doctorate in higher education management from University of Pennsylvania, a masters in Nonprofit Management from Eastern University, and a bachelors in International Studies from American University.