Research paper writing support for international students from Asia-Pacific region

Research paper writing support for international students from Asia-Pacific region

27 Mar 2019 10:30 11:00

27-March-2019 / Wednesday / 10:30 - 11:00


This presentation introduces a new type of research paper writing support for international students. Due to the recent globalization of university education, Nagoya University (NU), Japan has become to accommodate larger number of international students from Asia-Pacific region with various backgrounds, such as nationality, academic discipline and others. In general, master and doctoral students, especially in engineering departments, are required to submit research papers through daily laboratory works with their academic supervisors for completing their degree programs. As a practical matter here, academic advisors and international students sometimes face difficulty in their communication due to language barriers, while domestic students normally can communicate in Japanese. Then, the presenter, PhD in the field of mechanical engineering, has started research paper writing support as a part of international student support provided by International Academic Exchange Office (IAEO); IAEO mainly aims to support international students in NU engineering departments. The presentation will introduce the specific support contents, where Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) is used as a meta-language for smooth communication across language and disciplinary barriers, and its impact to the international students from Asia-Pacific region.

The situation where faculties and students cannot communicate in a common mother tongue sometimes occurs at universities in Asia-pacific region. The methodology introduced in this presentation will solve such difficulty in academic communication.


Dr Kiyohisa Nishiyama 
Associate Professor,
School of Engineering,
Nagoya University,

K Nishiyama has obtained his PhD at The University of Birmingham, UK, 2008, in engineering field. He is now an associate professor in School of Engineering, Nagoya University since 2012. His involvement ranges from the academic and life support for international students to various activities related to university internationalization.