The Synergy of Government and University: Taiwan-Thailand Connection Project

The Synergy of Government and University: Taiwan-Thailand Connection Project

27 Mar 2019 10:30 11:00

27-March-2019 / Wednesday / 10:30 - 11:00


Under the framework of new south bound policy of Taiwan, Providence University is selected as the host institution for Thai-Taiwan connection project which is a two-year project (2017-2018) funded by the ministry of education(MOE). The primary goal is to assist the government mainly for Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thail and MOE as a proactive role, and explore the potential collaboration between Taiwan and Thailand in the field of academic and industry. Providence University commenced the project in 2017 April and sent several delegates at different stage point to Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand from different units: Industrial College, Service learning center, International Office, Research & Development Office, and International Office. The project progresses in 4 phases: 1.Network exploration 2.Connection, 3.Relationship reinforcement 4. Vitalize multilateral exchange. Today, the project office sits in the faculty of economic at Chiang Mai University and is being operated by a local specialist. The project results were concrete and gained high approval from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thail, MOE. In the presentation, the presenter will share about experience conducted this overseas project guided by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thail and funded by MOE. Hope the module could be a future reference for any higher institution.


  1. Introducing the New South Bound Policy enforced by Taiwanese government since 2014.
  2. Brief introduction to the connection of Thai-Taiwan in business, education, and history.
  3. Project preparation, progression, difficulties and challenges, local feedback
  4. Highlight events to improve exposure in Taiwan and Thailand. (community development, industry forum, national video competition, short term program...etc.)


Mr Mark Lan 
Project Manager,
Academic Exchange Affairs division,
Providence University,

2010-present Senior International Officer in Higher Education, Providence University, Taiwan *TESOL, M.A, Carson New University, USA *B.A, Providence University