Can university policy be a driver for mobility?

Can university policy be a driver for mobility?

27 Mar 2019 15:00 15:20

27-March-2019 / Wednesday / 15:00 - 15:20


Drawing on recent academic research in the field, this poster explores the role of policy documents in university governance and the key challenges in drafting, consulting and implementing policy in relation to student mobility. This poster reviews the University of Sydney’s recent experience of establishing a university-wide policy governing outbound student mobility. The policy is aimed at placing the growth in mobility programs within a rigorous and rejuvenated governance framework, and ensuring that student mobility is inclusive and accessible to a diverse student body.


  1. Consider how a well-crafted university wide policy can support growth in student mobility and increase diversity of student participation.
  2. Summarise lessons learnt in terms of drafting policy, consultation and enlisting faculty support.
  3. Identify the key challenges experienced by the University of Sydney in establishing its mobility policy, including in relation to standardised eligibility requirements and allowing international and dual national students to travel to a “home country” as part of mobility programs.
  4. Examine how new policy can be supported by targeted messaging to internal stakeholders and partner institutions.


Mr Thommy Gatling 
International Agreements Manager,
Sydney Global Mobility,
University of Sydney,

Thommy manages the University of Sydney’s portfolio of international agreements with a particular focus on student mobility and partnerships. Prior to commencing at Sydney in 2015, Thommy spent 5 years in legal private practice specialising in commercial law and the transportation and energy sectors.