Educating for the common good: transforming lives and creating impact

Educating for the common good: transforming lives and creating impact

27 Mar 2019 15:00 15:20

27-March-2019 / Wednesday / 15:00 - 15:20


Sciences Po has been a pioneer in France in terms of its international scope and social diversity. For the past 20 years, Sciences Po has completely transformed itself from being a very traditional and selective institution in the social sciences training mostly French elites, to become a selective but “open university” promoting equal opportunities for talented students no matter their social or cultural background. Today, 30% of the students benefit from a scholarship, 250 students with special needs were admitted and 47% of the student body have a foreign passport. Sciences Po has also undertaken considerable efforts to promote gender equality among the students and staff. Using three examples to illustrate this transformation to promote diversity in Higher Education (Conventions éducation prioritaire (CEP) and the “Booster programme”, 3rd Year Abroad, HeforShe) the presentation will provide you with some tools that could help Higher Education Institutions to adapt to a fast changing and complex world. It will also demonstrate that higher education can play a key role to transform students’ lives and create great impact on society.


  1. Learn to transform your recruitment and admissions procedures to become more inclusive
  2. Manage diversity in the classroom
  3. Methods to promote equal opportunities within the organisation and educate changemakers
  4. Strategies and methods to include local actors to create social impact within the community


Dr Mariana Losada 
Representative, Southeast Asia Office,
Sciences Po, USPC,

Mariana Losada is director of the USPC-NUS programme. She holds a PhD from Sciences Po on the internationalisation of Higher Education. Her experience studying and working in eight countries has spanned across areas such as internationalisation strategies of universities, how technology changes education and social innovation.

Mr Alexandre Mariani 
International Affairs Manager,
China & Southeast Asia, Sciences Po,

Alexandre graduated from Sciences Po in 2008. Before joining Sciences Po he worked for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China (2006 to 2010) where he was in charge of the academic cooperation between France and China in the fields of Law and public service.