One size doesn’t fit all: Diverse expectations of International students 26 Mar 2019 14:00 15:00

One size doesn’t fit all: Diverse expectations of International students 26 Mar 2019 14:00 15:00

Mr Vik Singh Speaker
Ms Lyndell Jacka Speaker


One size doesn’t fit all: Diverse expectations of International students

The breadth of the diversity of International students presents a unique challenge to marketers. While we are aware of the diversity of international students, too often they can be treated as one homogenous group from a marketing perspective. This session will draw upon IDP Education’s latest research and the Hotcourses market intelligence tool, which considers diversity from the perspective of students as well the international education industry. 

This session will explore students’ current perceptions and expectations of popular study destinations. Delving further into our findings we will unpack trends within different students segments and explore their real world applications of visual imagery and marketing communications and consider students’ reactions to them. Discussions will focus on the need to find practical, creative and effective ways of marketing and disseminating information to the varying needs and wants of international students. This session will encourage participants to consider how we can better fulfill our responsibility to inform and support international students in the future and may ultimately change how we market to them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify student motivations and expectations in being part of a global community. 

  • Identify current trends for search demand from prospective students on a regional and global level. 

  • Understanding best practice in communicating with international students. 

  • Learn how to adapt and shape your international strategy using data.


Mr Vik Singh 
General Manager Asia Pacific, Hotcourses Group, Australia

Vik heads up the APAC operations for the Hotcourses Group (an IDP Company). He has over 12 years of experience in the sector, ranging from leading domestic recruitment teams through to working with Institutions and Peak Bodies in the region, assisting them with their digital marketing and student recruitment needs.

Ms Lyndell Jacka
Head of Research, IDP Education, Australia

Lyndell Jacka is Head of Research at IDP Education and oversees a wide range of primary and secondary market research in international education and English language testing. Key areas of expertise include student buyer behaviour insights, industry and environmental analysis and statistical reporting.

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