UMAP and its Innovative Approach as Multilateral Consortia 27 Mar 2019 13:00 13:45

UMAP and its Innovative Approach as Multilateral Consortia 27 Mar 2019 13:00 13:45

Dr Randall Martin Presenter
Ms Lakhana Dockiao Presenter
Prof Keiko IKEDA Presenter
Prof Shingo Ashizawa Presenter

UMAP and its Innovative Approach as Multilateral Consortia

Over the last three decades, multilateral consortia and university networks have been playing a significant role in promoting student mobility in Asia and the Pacific. This session will illustrate how UMAP (University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) operates its exchange programs as a multilateral consortia.  UMAP began 25 years ago with the aim of becoming an “Asian Erasmus”. Currently 230 universities from 16 countries/territories are active members. 

UMAP is a voluntary association of government and non-government representatives in the higher education sector in the Asia-Pacific region. All public and private accredited higher education institutions located in UMAP member countries/territories are eligible to become members. There is no institutional membership fee. Participants in this session will learn how UMAP is working to advance its objectives of diversity and experiential learning.  The session will also introduce new UMAP members and new UMAP initiatives including UMAP-COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) honors program and AP (Advanced Placement ) program. 

Session Objectives

  1. Discuss a role of multilateral consortia to promote student exchange in Asia and the Pacific

  2. Introduce UMAP activities and its members 

  3. Introduction of recent development of innovative programs including UMAP honors program and UMAP AP (advanced Placement) program.


Prof Shingo Ashizawa
Deputy Secretary General of UMAP International Secretariat, Japan

Shingo Ashizawa is a professor at Toyo University in Tokyo. His research involves the comparative study of higher education management and quality analysis of the internationalization review process. Prof. Ashizawa is also serving as Deputy Secretary General for UMAP (University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) International Secretariat as of 2016. 

Dr Randall Martin 
Executive Director, British Columbia Council for International Education, Canada

Randall Martin has experience spanning thirty years in post-secondary education, development education, project management and implementation, and international education, having worked on projects, in institutions, in societies and most recently leading BCCIE, a Crown Corporation of the Province of British Columbia charged with advancing the provincial agenda on International Education. 

Ms Lakhana Dockiao 
Director, Bureau of International Cooperation Strategy, The Office of the Higher Education Commission, Thailand

Lakhana is a director of the Bureau of International Cooperation Strategy, OHEC. She is in charge of engaging key stakeholders within and outside the country to enhance higher education internationalization. She has worked in various capacities acquiring experiences on promoting staff and student exchanges within and across regions, cross-culture understanding.

Prof Keiko Ikeda 
Professor, Division of International Affairs, Kansai University, Japan

Keiko Ikeda is a Professor in the Division of International Affairs. Recently, she has taken the role as the principal project manager for the Inter-University Exchange Project funded by MEXT, 2018-2022. She is Vice-Director for the newly established organization at KU, Institute for Innovative Global Education (IIGE). 

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