Global Classrooms: Students and Researchers Driving Innovation to Improve Lives

Global Classrooms: Students and Researchers Driving Innovation to Improve Lives

28 Mar 2019 13:00 13:45
Room 304
Ms Katherine Beaumont Presenter
Prof Joseph Wong Presenter
Prof Kathy Belov Presenter
Prof Nicola Phillips Presenter

Global Classrooms: Students and Researchers Driving Innovation to Improve Lives


This session introduces approaches at University of Toronto, King’s College London and the University of Sydney and the project they are developing together to cultivate students’ responses to the social and political challenges we face today globally. Building on the success of local programs, the group is now working to build a multi-institutional global project through which teams of students work together virtually over the course of an academic year, then in rotating locations in country to conduct field research. Key to the endeavor is partnering with universities in the Global South. The emerging partnership is intended to leverage tech-enabled classrooms so that faculty and students can connect in real-time but from distance, as well as introduce challenge-based pedagogies as well as collaborate field research, thus encouraging more student mobility / international learning experiences.
The collaborative partnership builds on existing local areas of pedagogical and research strength. 

U of T’s Reach Project examines government policies and NGOs that are successfully delivering social services to hard-to-reach populations with the goal of translating local solutions into global strategies. Over 18 months, student researchers conduct secondary and primary fieldwork in global south settings and then prepare detailed reports outlining best practices for service delivery.  Through USyd’s Global Industry and Community Project Units students take on an industry or community project established with partners over 4 week intensive courses including two weeks in country. Students work in interdisciplinary teams under the supervision of an academic lead with support and guidance from the industry and community partner. KCL has a long tradition of international development teaching and practice, and with the recent founding of its School of Global Affairs is well-positioned to contribute a course-based and fieldwork-intensive experience for students.

Session Objectives
This session seeks to:

  • Share approaches through example of how the University of Toronto, King’s College London and the University of Sydney are working to enable students and researchers to drive innovation that improves the lives of people across the globe. 

  • Identify student contributions and impact of these contributions.

  • Provide a forum for discussion and partnership


Ms Katherine Beaumont
Senior Director, Global Learning Opportunities and International Student Success, University of Toronto, Canada

Katherine’s U of T responsibilities include learning abroad, international student experience and being a globally fluent campus. Katherine has worked with the corporate and post-secondary sectors in intercultural learning and held senior roles in international education and student development at UBC and in student success at the University of Melbourne. 

Prof Joseph Wong 
Vice-Provost & Associate Vice-President, University of Toronto, Canada

Joe’s executive responsibilities encompass the international student experience, learning abroad and enabling all students to build global fluency.  Joe’s academic interests include the political economy of reach and redistribution in developing world settings.  Through the REACH project, Joe works with student research teams on delivering social services to hard-to-reach populations. 

Prof Kathy Belov 
Pro Vice-Chancellor of Global Engagement, University of Sydney, Australia

Kathy Belov leads the development and execution of the university’s global engagement strategy. Key priorities are the development of the capacity of academic and professional staff to support international student learning, learning abroad and international research collaborations, and strategic opportunities for partnership and collaboration in research and education.

Prof Nicola Phillips
Vice President and Vice Principal for Education, King’s College London, United Kingdom

In addition to the executive responsibility on King’s Strategic Vision and new Education Strategy, Nicola’s interests are in global economic governance, inequality and development, labour standards and migration.  Her work has a strong interdisciplinary element across the social sciences and a commitment to publications aimed at both entry-level and advanced students.