Global competence in international education 25 Mar 2019 09:30 12:30

Global competence in international education 25 Mar 2019 09:30 12:30

Dr Kirrilee Hughes Presenter
Ms Suyin Chia Facilitator

Global competence in international education

Improving education systems ... requires creating learning environments that invite young people to understand the world beyond their immediate environment, interact with others with respect for their rights and dignity, and take action toward building thriving, multicultural communities. This is what global competence is about" Andreas Schleicher, OECD. In this workshop, we will explore the concepts of global competence and global citizenship, their growing importance and how your organisation/institution can develop these concepts in your students and staff through international education programs and mobility experiences. It can be challenging to involve stakeholders (including international students, local students and academic/administrative staff) in activities to develop their intercultural competences, especially if these skills are not valued at the institutional level. How can we inspire their curiosity in those instances? In this workshop, you will have opportunities to participate in experiential activities that enhance intercultural skills and build global citizenship. We will discuss strategies for implementing these activities in different settings and identify ways to transform brief experiences into long-lasting learning for your stakeholders.

After attending this workshop participants will be able to: * Define global competence and global citizenship and identify the key skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for their development. * Understand the role of global competency and global citizenship in Asian contexts and make connections with institution-based strategies. * Apply a variety of techniques to suspend (and help others to suspend) judgment in an intercultural situation as well as to foster curiosity. * Apply a variety of techniques to engage key stakeholders in global competency learning. * Learn to value, engage and utilise the experience and knowledge that international students bring to educational institutions. Who should attend? International education faculty and staff, trainers and others who are involved in developing global competence or intercultural diversity training in education.



Dr Kirrilee Hughes
CEO and Partner Director

AFS Intercultural Programs Australia

Kirrilee is an international education professional who is passionate about intercultural learning and global citizenship. She has worked across business development, teaching and research positions at three Australian universities (UNSW; ANU; The University of Newcastle) and is the current Australian CEO for AFS, a global mobility provider for secondary students.

Ms Suyin Chia
Cultural Affairs Specialist
Embassy of the United States of America

Suyin is a creative and self-motivated intercultural professional committed to community development and developing the next generation of leaders in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Her mission is to connect change-makers with opportunities and the right outreach platforms to create sustainable impact in transforming lives and bridging cultures.

Ms Angela Roye
Chair, Board of Directors
AFS Intercultural Programs India

Angela Roye is an educationist, environmentalist and Founder-Principal of a Child Development Center in Bangalore, India. A former banker with managerial experience in a large nationalised bank, Angela holds postgraduate qualifications in Child Development and is a highly sought-after speaker, teacher and trainer in the field of Early Childhood Education.

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