Empowering Leaders for the Next Generation from Within 26 Mar 2019 14:00 15:00

Empowering Leaders for the Next Generation from Within 26 Mar 2019 14:00 15:00

Dr Margreet de Lange Presenter
Mrs Margaret Wang Presenter
Ms RĂ©gine Legault-Bouchard Presenter


Empowering Leaders for the Next Generation from Within

This session will discuss how to empower local students and develop leadership skills, build intercultural competence and shape a global vision. Students can contribute to university community by representing such as program advisors. Recognizing that student engagement is key to embrace diversity within and build bridges with international students, this panel will exemplify strategies from institutions that include: (1) develop, train and retain a talented and diverse workforce to promote international collaborations by engaging student learning; (2) strategic actions that include multiple education programs targeting local student recruitment and enhance cultural competence and global identity; (3) evaluation based on the feedback of students to support student development to become a confident and capable global citizen. This session will focus on how to embrace diversity within, or ‘Internationalization at Home’. The majority of internationalization programs focus on international students, while local students are often overlooked as an integral aspect of internationalization. Speakers will describe practical applications of fostering global competences and world vision among local students. Presenters will discuss similarities and differences as well as challenges involved with establishing a global identity within local contexts in addition to training programs which play a crucial role in preparing students to be proactive and celebrate cultural diversity.

• To demonstrate the consequences of training programs regarding local students’ global competences in Canada, Singapore and Taiwan. • To illustrate how training programs affect local students. Universities prioritize strategies for promoting practices to support students’ global identity and further developing respects for intercultural understanding. • To tackle the challenges related to supporting students to demonstrate methods and principles that institutions might employ to support local students’ leadership skills through student programs. • To show how programming can encourage students to look beyond their own competences and grow into internationalization leaders among their peers at home.



Mr Andrew Tsung
Executive Director for Strategic Partnership,
National Taiwan University,

Andrew Chao-Ting Tsung is the Executive Director for Strategic Partnerships in the Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University. He is responsible for developing and managing strategic partnerships projects and internationalization strategies of NTU. He is also in charge of managing international partnerships and collaborative international programs in general for NTU. Before current position, Andrew also served as the Executive Director for APAIE 2011 Conference and Exhibition which took place in NTU. He receives his BA degree from NTU and M.Ed degree from Peabody College, Vanderbilt University.

Ms Régine Legault-Bouchard
Interim Director of International Office
International Office

Régine Legault-Bouchard is the Interim Director of the International Office. Her main research interests pertain to organizational communication with a focus on Internationalization strategies and their implementation in a university context. She has presented at numerous at conferences over the past decade, such as CBIE and EAIE.

Dr Margreet de Lange
Program Director, International Affairs, Corporate office/ Academic Affairs
Utrecht University
The Netherlands

Margreet de Lange studied French and Comparative Literature at the University of Amsterdam and obtained a PhD degree in Comparative Literature from the Graduate Center of the City University in New York. She has worked at Utrecht University since 1992. She started as lecturer in comparative literature. She founded and directed the Center for Southern Africa and later became director of research cooperation between France and the Netherlands. She is currently in charge of the internationalization strategy of the university. She is advisor to the board on policy and coordinator of the action plan to make the university more international.

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