International Higher Education Student Flows - understanding the global picture 26 Mar 2019 15:20 16:20

International Higher Education Student Flows - understanding the global picture 26 Mar 2019 15:20 16:20

Mr Jonathan Chew Presenter
Ms Kadi Taylor Presenter
Ms Rebecca Hall Presenter
Mr Ethan Fogarty Chairperson


International Higher Education Student Flows - understanding the global picture

Multiple high quality data sources are available to understand and respond to trends in the international student base for single destination countries - such as Australia. However, there is limited ability to understand the full picture of world-wide market for international education, taking into account the entirety of globally mobile student base. In other words, it is often difficult to adopt a "helicopter view" of the international higher education sector globally. Navitas, in partnership with Australian management consulting firm Nous Group, have received an Australian International Education: Enabling Growth and Innovation Program to explore global data flows in students studying abroad. The presentation will focus on two key interconnected questions: • What is the global flow of international Higher Education students across countries? • What are the key drivers of global student mobility in Higher Education? The team will present insights from the project - including an overview of the global flow of students studying abroad, recent trends and shifts in international education demand, and insights from a series of detailed case studies undertaken as part of the project - which provide a more in depth of challenges and opportunities that exist for international higher education globally.

- Insights on global student flows through presentation of data model which reconciles various enrolment data sources across key inbound and outbound markets, the presentation will provide attendees with a macro view of student mobility in the Higher Education sector.
- Understanding of world-wide sector diversity through presentation of case studies which outline market and product diversification and concentration risks that exist in Higher Education in key source countries including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.
- Learn from previous international education downturns in international education enrolments are common across markets. We will present information on the cause and affect of student flows over certain time periods and outline lessons learned from declines in major source countries to inform sectoral risk management strategies.
- Understand impact of government policy changes policy changes are a key cause for changes in international enrolments.

Select case studies will be presented, with a particular focus on change in visa and migration policy settings and impacts on enrolment numbers.


Ms Kadi Taylor
Head – Strategic Engagement and Government Relations

Kadi’s role is to support the development and articulation of Navitas’ public policy and advocacy positions. She works across Navitas and with external stakeholders to connect colleagues and partners with opportunities, ideas and insights. Kadi came to Navitas with over 15 years experience in the Australian Public Service.

Mr Jonathan Chew
Nous Group

Jonathan’s expertise is in policy design, market analysis and evaluation with a focus on the VET and higher education sectors. As a Principal with Nous, Jon works extensively with governments, universities and training organisations to understand and meet student, community and industry expectations, both in Australia and overseas.

Ms  Rebecca Hall
Senior Industry Expert, International Education

Rebecca Hall leads Austrade’s engagement in promoting Australia’s International Education sector. She forms part of the Trade and Investment Senior Leadership team, engaging across Austrade’s global network. Rebecca oversees Austrade’s AIE2025 strategy and Austrade services to support international education sector sustainability.

Prior to joining the Australian Government, Rebecca led international education strategy for the Queensland and Victorian Governments.

Over the past decade, her not-for-profit board experience includes appointments to the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA), Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) Queensland Branch and the Queensland Overseas Foundation (QOF). She was also a board member and deputy chair of AFS Intercultural Programs Australia.

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