Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education in Malaysia 26 Mar 2019 16:30 17:30

Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education in Malaysia 26 Mar 2019 16:30 17:30

A/Prof Yong Zulina Zubairi Presenter
Dr Sheena Kaur Presenter
Prof Ni Nyoman Puspaningsih Presenter


Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education in Malaysia

Abstract Accessibility to higher education among people with disability (PWD) has been one of the nation’s important agendas to ensure equal opportunity to all. While government policies in Malaysia have been in place to provide Malaysians with access to higher education, considerations are also given to the needs of the disabled students to provide them with the support needed. This presentation is divided into three parts. Firstly, it presents an overview of the current policies on inclusiveness in Malaysia, and statistics based on a Tracer Study on the number of disable students in Malaysia and their participation in institutions of higher learning. Secondly, the study highlights initiatives taken by the University of Malaya, the first public institution of higher learning in Malaysia to adopt and implement an Inclusive Policy in its campus. How this policy has been implemented across the campus, both in terms of facilities, as well as support in the areas of teaching and learning will be presented. Finally, the presentation highlights the role of AUN-DPPnet (AUN Disability and Public Policy Network), a preeminent university network for ASEAN that fosters public policies which promote persons with disabilities entering society to compete on a par with their non-disabled peers.

At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to
1. Gain knowledge on the nationwide statistics on students with disability in higher education in Malaysia
2. Evaluate the effectiveness of inclusive policies and support provided at higher education for students with disability based on initiatives by the University of Malaya and AUDPPNet,
3. Develop an effective support programme for students with disability at their own institution based on information provided in the presentation, and
4. Determine the successes of inclusive policies for students with disability through information gained from the session.



Dr Sheena Kaur
Deputy Director
International Relations Office
University of Malaya

Sheena Kaur is the Deputy Director for the International Relations Office, University of Malaya. She is also a Senior Lecturer at the English Department, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, and obtained her doctorate in Corpus Linguistics from Lancaster University. Her interests include internationalisation in higher education.

A/Prof Yong Zulina Zubairi
Director International Relations Office
University Malaya

Yong Zulina Zubairi is currently the Director at the International Relations Office, University of Malaya. Her areas of research interests are medical and circular statistics, and internationalisation of higher education. She has published a number of articles in referred journal such as ISI Web of Science and academic books.

Prof Ni Nyoman Puspaningsih
Universitas Airlangga

Prof Ni Nyoman is a Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Universitas Airlangga. Her area is Chemistry and she has published in numerous journals and books. She has also presented at several international conferences.

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