COIL-BEVI Project: Understanding Students' Transformational Learning through Virtual Exchange 27 Mar 2019 09:00 10:00

COIL-BEVI Project: Understanding Students' Transformational Learning through Virtual Exchange 27 Mar 2019 09:00 10:00

Dr Lee Sternberger Presenter
Prof Craig Shealy Presenter
Prof Hajime Nishitani Presenter
Prof Keiko IKEDA Chairperson


COIL-BEVI Project: Understanding Students' Transformational Learning through Virtual Exchange

Technology-enabled, sustained, and people-to-people education programs aka virtual exchange (VE) have gained considerable and widespread attention as an effective stepping stone (O’Dowd, 2017). These may serve as providing tools for preparing students for physical mobility abroad. They may also serve as an alternative for those who may have to stay back home for various reasons, enabling them to participate and stay engaged in an internationally formed team to work with their peers. While more programs are adopting this approach, there is a need to learn how any “impact” of such virtual exchanges can be made more salient. This panel will consider a newly launched project which investigates such learning process and impact, funded by both the U.S. and Japanese educational sectors. The targeted type of VE is COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning), and a suggested investigation method uses BEVI (Belief, Events, and Values Inventory). Over the next five years, the study will explore the impact of VE on students’ transformative learning process in different cases of COIL-enhanced study abroad programs. The panel speakers will start by introducing COIL and BEVI, then share several case studies from both a U.S. and Japanese institution (JMU and Hiroshima U.) to provide a comprehensive picture of the project.

The panel aims to:
(1) Inform the audience of a rapidly growing trend involving the adoption of a method of virtual exchange (COIL/Collaborative Online International Learning) in international higher education.
(2) Provide details of the inventory tool BEVI (Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory) and how to employ it in order to understand students  transformation process when they participate in virtual exchange.
(3) Share with the audience an overview of the newly launched COIL-BEVI project, which investigates lea



Prof Keiko IKEDA
Vice-Director, Center of International Education/ Professor
Division of International Affairs
Kansai University

Ph.D. from University of Hawai'i at Manoa in Japanese linguistics, foreign language education, conversation analysis. Her research areas include (1) ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, and multimodal analysis of various social interactions such as political communication, human robot interaction, ICT enhanced classrooms, and (2) International Education

Prof Craig Shealy
James Madison University and International Beliefs and Values Institute

Craig N. Shealy, Ph.D. is Professor and Executive Director of the International Beliefs and Values Institute. Developer of the BEVI instrument, Shealy chairs the Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self Summit Series (

Dr Lee Sternberger
Associate Provost, Academic Affairs Executive Director, Center for Global Engagement
James Madison University

As Associate Provost in Academic Affairs and Executive Director of the Center for Global Engagement (CGE), Dr. Lee Sternberger leads a campus-wide effort to internationalize curricula, services and programs. She administers the CGE, including study and service abroad, international student and scholar support, immigration services and curriculum development.

Prof Hajime Nishitani
Professor and Vice Executive
Hiroshima University ,School of Law and Office of Global Initiative

Professor of Law specializing in international law at Hiroshima University, where he also serves as Vice Executive for the Top Global University Project. As a past Vice President, he worked with Craig Shealy on the assessment of international education in Japan across a range of institutions and systems.

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