Administrative staff development initiatives for a truly international campus 27 Mar 2019 09:00 10:30

Administrative staff development initiatives for a truly international campus 27 Mar 2019 09:00 10:30

Ms VĂ©ronique Debord-Lazaro Chairperson


Administrative staff development initiatives for a truly international campus.

To achieve a truly international campus, it is crucial for higher education institutions to go beyond study/research mobility. Administrative staff, who manage the underlying operations of an establishment, must also be equipped with an international outlook and skills. This panel showcases staff development initiatives that contribute to a higher level of internationalization within campuses. Based on the traditional Erasmus+ “European staff mobility” programs, UBx implemented a new career development program that proposes a range of possibilities with individual projects, team projects and professional networks. The program supports projects with a mobility period and that contribute to professional development as well as wider scale institutional objectives. NTU initiated professional development for staff with a resource sharing/knowledge transfer scheme. More recently, NTU collaborates with global university partners on staff exchange/training programs, to enhance both staff quality and institutional collaboration. This investment in staff performance will in turn support the move towards increasing and comprehensive campus internationalization. The staff development initiatives of UT target academic and administrative staff concerning cultural/language issues. The Global Staff Development Office develops and implements various programs that nurture the global competencies of administrative staff. In addition, the Office conducts staff development programs with its partners around the world.

1. Learn about the possible organization-wide implications of career development programs for administrative staff members.
2. Learn how to develop and implement effective career development programs with a project approach and follow-up on results at an individual, team and/or organizational level.



Ms Joanne Pagèze
Vice-President for Internationalization
University of Bordeaux

Vice-President for Internationalization, Joanne Pagèze is also a university teacher at the Department of Languages and Cultures (University of Bordeaux), strongly interested in international teaching/learning and English Medium Instruction. She has been project leader of Défi International, a university-wide teacher development program for EMI and international classroom since 2014. Vice-chair of the EAIE expert community on Language and Culture, Ms Pagèze is also assistant-editor for the European Journal of Language Policy and board member of the French national association for language centers (RANACLES) affiliated to CERCLES. She participates in the European Strategic Partnership EQUIIP, working to develop quality teacher development for international programs.

Mr Andrew Chao-Ting TSUNG
Executive Director for Strategic Partnerships

Andrew Chao-Ting Tsung is the Executive Director for Strategic Partnerships in the Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University. He is responsible for developing and managing strategic partnerships projects and internationalization strategies of NTU. He is also in charge of managing international partnerships and collaborative international programs in general for NTU. Before current position, Andrew also served as the Executive Director for APAIE 2011 Conference and Exhibition which took place in NTU. He receives his BA degree from NTU and M.Ed degree from Peabody College, Vanderbilt University.

Prof Caroline Benton
Vice President of Global Affairs

VP of Global Affairs (UT), Caroline Benton is Professor of Business Strategy and has served as chair of the MBA program in international business. She is also Director General of the university’s Global Commons and an expert member of the Japanese Association of National Universities’ International Exchange Committee.

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