Unity in diversity: Promoting fair recognition in the Asia-Pacific region 27 Mar 2019 11:00 12:30

Unity in diversity: Promoting fair recognition in the Asia-Pacific region 27 Mar 2019 11:00 12:30

Mr. Stig Arne Skjerven Presenter
Mr. Wesley Teter Presenter
Ms. Jenneke Lokhoff Facilitator


Unity in diversity: Promoting fair recognition in the Asia-Pacific region

Fair recognition of foreign qualifications lies at the heart of student mobility, and is therefore essential to internationalization efforts. But how to establish this in a region that has such great diversity in education systems and traditions? This session examines this question from two angles. First from the Tokyo Convention that recently entered into force. The convention is presented together with the cooperation structure that is being set up among the ratifying countries to make this operational. Second, the session looks at the model in the European region as an example for inspiration. Three specific pillars are highlighted: 1- the legal: Lisbon Recognition Convention; 2- the operational: cooperation between the national recognition centers of the ENIC-NARIC networks 3- the political: the European Higher Education Area as driver for transparency instruments and the European Union as financer for innovation Next, the audience discusses in working groups how from their role in higher education: - the Tokyo Convention can contribute to fair recognition, and what is needed to support implementation in their context (ie institutional level); - what elements from the European region may be useful and feasible in the Asia-Pacific context (if any). Each group reports back plenary. Time allocation: '00 - '45: Presentations '45 - '70: Working groups '70 - '90: Plenary reporting

The session is organized such that upon completion of the session, the participants have gained: 1 - A deeper understanding of the Tokyo Convention, the cooperation among the ratifying countries and its potential to promote mobility and fair recognition in the Asia-Pacific region 2 - Inspiration how cooperation can be achieved despite differences in the region, by challenging the model of the European region 3 - Peer to peer reflection how fair recognition in the Asia-Pacific region can be implemented, by discussing in working groups how the implementation of the (principles of the) Convention from their own roles in higher education is feasible



Ms Jenneke Lokhoff
Senior Policy Officer
Team International Recognition

Ms Lokhoff is senior policy officer at Nuffic's International Recognition Team and elected member of the NARIC Advisory Board (2nd term). She is responsible for the development and implementation of European projects with the purpose of streamlining recognition since 2008. She is an experienced publisher and (key note) speaker.

Mr Wesley Teter
Senior Policy Officer

Mr Teter is a senior officer in the higher education unit at UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a recognized author and speaker and working hard as a fourth-year PhD candidate at the University of Hong Kong while researching innovative governance and accountability systems.

Mr Rolf Lofstad
Deputy Director of Foreign Education, Department of Foreign Education
Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education

Mr. Lofstad started his career in international education at the University of Oslo where he worked with admission of foreign students and recognition of foreign qualifications. He moved on to the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT), which was established in 2003. NOKUT is the Norwegian ENIC and NARIC office. Mr. Lofstad has been involved in recognition policy development both at home and internationally for a number of years. He is the Norwegian representative in Council of Europe ETINED-platform (Ethics, Transparency and Integrity in Education) and head of Standards Committee in The Association of International Credential Evaluation Professionals (TAICEP).

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