Thematic Partnership: exploring synergies in multilateral collaboration 27 Mar 2019 11:00 12:30

Thematic Partnership: exploring synergies in multilateral collaboration 27 Mar 2019 11:00 12:30

Dr Yasuyuki Kono Presenter
Mr Gero Hemker Presenter
Prof Luisa Shu-Ying Chang Presenter


Thematic Partnership: exploring synergies in multilateral collaboration

Bilateral academic cooperation remains at the center of IHE landscape. However, the appearance of new stakeholders and other complex forms of interaction evidence new trends. NTU, KU and UHH share well-grounded traditions of international collaboration across the world and with each other. The current international context facilitates generation of potential synergies through tripartite cooperation creating opportunities for students and staff to gain international experience. Multilateral cooperation plays a key role in the creation of innovative opportunities and effective use of resources in order to produce higher impacts. Multilateral partnerships with strong thematic focus and cross-disciplinary approaches also address the effort of universities to offer global scope to their students, researchers and society, producing genuine benefits internationally and locally. This session will explore the methodology to work together starting from deepening a mutual understanding and jointly create the means to achieve shared goals. As a tri-lateral approach, the presenters will expose the potentials and share good practices in multilateral cooperation spurring from an innovative approach addressing competing demands of various stakeholders. These practices shall illustrate how this new form of global engagement balances their respective institutional priorities and resources, with those of their partners.

Through a joint presentation by National Taiwan University (NTU), Kyoto University (KU), and Universität Hamburg (UHH) participants will: 1. Gain a comparative overview of how these universities design and implement their strategies for internationalization in order to nurture their students/graduates as global citizens 2. Learn about the synergies these universities have created by participating in multilateral frameworks for student mobility (as compared to bilateral ones) 3. Deepen understanding on new trends in international higher education (IHE) regarding cooperation for mobility implemented through multilateral networks



Ms Jennifer Wang 
Manager for Global Engagement in Asia and Oceania,
National Taiwan University,

Jennifer Wang is the Manager for Global Engagement in the Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University. She is in charge of agreements and general collaborations with partners in the Asia and Oceania regions.

Dr Fernando Palacio 
Senior Lecturer,
International Strategy Office,
Kyoto University,

Dr. Palacio is a Program-Specific Senior Lecturer at Kyoto University International Strategy Office, working on the design and development of university policy on internationalization, promoting internal synergies, and supporting the efforts towards an inclusive university. He oversees activities of the University in Southeast Asia, and works in the promotion of University Social Responsibility.

Dr Gero Hemker
Partnership Manager Asia-Pacific
Universität Hamburg

Gero Hemker works in the Department of International Affairs at Universität Hamburg. As member of the team “Asia and Oceania”, he is in charge of the international engagement of Universität Hamburg in the Asia-Pacific region and sets a special focus on the establishment and management of strategic and thematic partnerships.

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