Enabling Innovation – how to successfully establish Applied Research 27 Mar 2019 14:00 15:00

Enabling Innovation – how to successfully establish Applied Research 27 Mar 2019 14:00 15:00

Dr Cheng Yee Low Presenter
Mr Laban Asmar Presenter
Mr Brian Trenaman Facilitator


Enabling Innovation – how to successfully establish Applied Research

Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and the paradigm of life long learning require HEI to provide graduates with a different set of hard and soft skills by transforming their curricula from mere information transfer systems to knowledge transfer which is constantly in tune with a rapidly changing industry in need for highly adaptable creative graduates. A German-Malaysian cooperation between Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design (IEM) and the two universities, i.e., Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) and Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), adopts the concept of Applied Research following the Fraunhofer approach by establishing innovation labs which bridge the gap between universities and industries in Malaysia. This session will start with a brief introduction to the German ecosystem of research & innovation exemplified by Fraunhofer IEM and their innovation lab pivoting around Applied Research. Discussion with the participants will focus on the following questions: How can international cooperations help transform tertiary education? Who are the stakeholders of this particular project and how do they each benefit from an innovation lab? How can the dialogue between HEI and industry be initiated and/or intensified? Can Asia be transformed from a predominant fast follower to a driver of innovation?

- learning how the German ecosystem of research & innovation is working and how HEI and research institutions interact with industry. Where does it derive from? What are the ingredients for success?
- exemplifying knowledge transfer with Fraunhofer IEM and introducing the RAISE-MED project. What are background, objectives and challenges in this cooperation? What is the impact of the innovation lab on teaching and learning at the mentioned varsities?
- Defining the necessary prerequisites for international cooperations in Applied Research. Who are the necessary players? What are their roles and contributions?
- Analysing the situation in Asia and discussing the transferability of the cooperation and the innovation labs. What does it need to cooperate on this level?



Mr Brian Trenaman
Master of Arts
DAAD Kuala Lumpur
DAAD – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst

Brian Trenaman coordinates the marketing and promotion of Study & Research in Germany at the DAAD Information Centre in Kuala Lumpur since September 2017. He has many years of experience in international HEI cooperations and career services.

Dr Cheng Yee Low
Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr

Dr. Low studied mechatronics at the King’s College London. Afterwards, he worked as a research associate at the Heinz Nixdorf Institute of the University of Paderborn. In 2009, he received his Ph.D. degree in the field of Systems Engineering for intelligent mechatronic systems under the supervision of Prof. Jürgen Gausemeier.

Mr Laban Asmar
M. Sc. Business Engineering
Fraunhofer-Institute of Mechatronic Systems Design

Mr. Asmar graduated with business engineering at the University of Paderborn, Germany (2017), California State University, USA and at the Beihang University, China. He was a Founder of a German IT-Start Up and is now a researcher at Fraunhofer IEM. He is the coordinator of the project RAISEMED.

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