Leveraging Brand and Identity in Transnational Education 28 Mar 2019 09:00 09:30

Leveraging Brand and Identity in Transnational Education 28 Mar 2019 09:00 09:30

Mr Frank Camp Presenter


Leveraging Brand and Identity in Transnational Education

In an increasingly crowded global market, a bold approach to branding and identity are crucial to institutional success. All too often universities do not take a comprehensive approach to their global identity, and as a result their potential reach and impact are diminished. In emerging, and rapidly growing, markets like much of the Asia-Pacific region, identifying what makes your institution unique, and how to communicate that to the world, is key to success. This is even more important when thinking about a distributed network of people, programs, locations and students. There are tremendous opportunities in co-branded programs and forward-thinking global partnerships that allow for leveraging multiple brands and engaging a broader audience. They act as student, recruiting, research, and alumni hubs, and ultimately a centerpiece in an engaged institution. However, these efforts are not without challenges. It is imperative that institutions identify the anticipated outcomes and develop, market and execute programs in support of these outcomes. It is also vital that expectations are appropriately managed and communicated between partners, colleagues, students and other constituents. Whether you work for a large university or a rapidly growing one, this session will give you the tools needed to craft a truly global brand.

1. What makes a brand? This session will outline a process for defining a brand platform, values and key messages that become the baseline for your global brand. Learn how to identify your institution’s differentiators and proof points.
2. Building a sense of place...wherever you are. Replicating your campus experience around the world takes more than photos on the walls. How can you use people, design, events and more to replicate your brand around the world?
3. Case-Study on branded spaces in Asia Learn from two examples of unique University of Arizona branded spaces within China and Cambodia. The session will outline the process of identifying, naming, designing and utilizing these spaces to not only replicate but amplify your institutional brand.
4. How do you manage multiple people around the globe representing your brand? Managing distributed branding, staffing, space, and even logos is a unique challenge. How do you position your team for success?



Mr Frank Camp
University of Arizona

Frank Camp is the Director of Marketing and Communication at the University of Arizona Global. His responsibilities include recruitment marketing, branding, institutional relations, communication and website management. With 10+ years of experience as a marketing professional spanning several industries, he brings a unique perspective to the marketing of international education.

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