Nurturing Diversity Amongst Students: The Importance of Internationalization Programs 28 Mar 2019 09:00 10:30

Nurturing Diversity Amongst Students: The Importance of Internationalization Programs 28 Mar 2019 09:00 10:30

A/Prof Yazrina Yahya Facilitator
Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad Facilitator
Prof Shingo Ashizawa Facilitator


Nurturing Diversity Amongst Students: The Importance of Internationalization Programs

The concept of internationalization at home is very important to the local students who are not able to go abroad. This is to provide the experience of engaging with the global community, develop new network of friends, improving communication and thinking skills of the local students at home university. Hence international programs are essential and it needs to be design to promote the inclusion and diverstiy factors. Although there are varieties of international programs offered by various universities, there is always a room for improvement to deliver better programs that can promote inclusion and diversity. The workshop proposed is in a world style cafe format that includes a moderator and also three facilitator. Each facilitator will handle a group particularly on the topic of student experience, intercultural competency and program structure design specifically for international programs. Each group will discuss on each component and how it nurtures the inclusion and diversity amongst the local and international students, in order to materialize the concept of internationalzation at home. The outcome of the workshop will be the components needed when designing an international programs and a model of an international program that promotes incusion and diversity amongst students.

1. To provide insights and ways to improve existing international related programs in the university
2. To understand elements related to good student experience and  intercultural competency
3. The obtain solutions that will assist the audience in designing better international programs
4. To develop model that can be the foundation when designing an international program



A/Prof Yazrina Yahya
Director/ Associate Professor Dr./ Associate Professor Dr.
International Relations Centre (UKM Global)ational Relations Centre (UKM Global)
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Yazrina Yahya is the Director at UKM Global, UKM. Her role as the director as lead her to work with global partners and present papers as keynote speaker at international conferences on higher education internationalization . She has co-written a book on Internationalization of Higher Education: Insights From Malaysian HE

Prof Shingo Ashizawa
Professor at Toyo University
Faculty of Regional and Global Studies

Shingo Ashizawa is a professor at Toyo University in Tokyo. His research involves the comparative study of higher education management and quality analysis of the internationalization review proces.Prof. Ashizawa is also serving as Deputy Secretary General for UMAP (University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) as of 2016.

Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad
Deputy Director/ Senior Lecturer at School of Media and Communication, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

With a PhD in Communication Studies, Dr. Abdul Latiff currently holds the position of Deputy Director of UKM Global at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He is also a lecturer at the Centre of Communication and Digital Communities specializing in the field of intercultural communication and new media technologies.

Dr John Lagdameo
Director International Relations
Ataneo De Manila University Phillipines


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