Classrooms Without Walls: Community-Based Study Abroad Experiences in Asia 27 Mar 2019 14:00 15:00

Classrooms Without Walls: Community-Based Study Abroad Experiences in Asia 27 Mar 2019 14:00 15:00

Dr Andri Purnomo Presenter
Ms Namrata Jha Presenter
Ms Diana Kartika Jahja Chairperson


Classrooms Without Walls: Community-Based Study Abroad Experiences in Asia

Student mobility and study abroad is not a new concept- it dates back to the 5th century and the birth of the modern university. However, in the ensuing centuries, curricula, faculty, students’ profiles and styles of pedagogy have undergone massive transformations. Yet what has remained constant throughout is the belief that study abroad is a net benefit to students and that it is a powerful opportunity which develops professional and personal skills as well as providing students cultural exposures that help prepare students to enter the workplace and adapt to the continuously-changing world. Presenters will explore the historical evolution of study abroad and provide evidence to support the claim that providing international students with opportunities to collaborate and work with local communities in an interdisciplinary, multicultural setting enhances the students’ global competence in sharpening their understanding and skills, particularly in dealing with complexity in a context where multiple cultures coexist. Depicting select best practices from international learning experience involving on-hand knowledge of working in community-based settings and world heritage sites in South East Asian countries like India and Indonesia, this session will feature strengths and added values, possible challenges and useful tips in designing international learning experiences, particularly in low-resource settings.

The audience will
1. Understand the historical evolution, transformation of study abroad programs and its relevance in present time
2. Understand the values and benefits of the community-based study abroad programs with focus on collaboration with local communities
3. Identify potential gaps and challenges, while learning from selected case studies from unique local communities of two Asian countries.



Ms Diana Kartika Jahja
Executive Director

IIEF - Indonesian International Education Foundation

Diana Jahja is an Executive Director of IIEF - Indonesian International Education Foundation, an Indonesian NGO affiliate to IIE - Institute of International Education managing numerous international scholarship and exchange programs.

Ms Namrata Jha
Executive Director
Duke University

Namrata Jha, Executive Director-India at the Duke University, overseas universities' operation in India and facilitates research, partnerships, alumni connections, student learning, and other Duke activities across the country. She brings 19 years of experience in institution building, program management, and administration of global projects.

Dr Andri Purnomo
University of Indonesia

Dr. Purnomo is a lecturer of the Department of Archeology at University of Indonesia. He has been involved in international projects focusing on the management of pre-historical sites and cultural heritage. He is also the committee member of some international organizations focusing on interdisciplinary research on world heritage.

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