Empowering Student Leaders' Cultural Intelligence in HEIs 27 Mar 2019 14:35 15:00

Empowering Student Leaders' Cultural Intelligence in HEIs 27 Mar 2019 14:35 15:00

Dr Faizah Idrus Presenter


Empowering Student Leaders' Cultural Intelligence in HEIs

The focus of the Ministry of Higher Education in general is to prepare universities and other higher education institutions to be the heart of education in the Asia Pacific region. With the comings of international students, the change of enrollment pattern is apparent. Student leaders whom have dealt with local students all these while, inevitably would have to make themselves familiar with the changing of students’ enrollment pattern. With the admission of students from many different countries and cultures, come the intricate skills of dealing with norms and behaviours that are quite foreign to the locals be it academic staff or students themselves. Following Grubb (2014), the issue is to examine whether the cultural intelligence level of student leaders in HEIs relates to their level of authenticity. The relationship between Cultural Intelligence (CQ) as a moderator to Authentic Leadership (AL) is examined through a quantitative study that included two surveys, the Expanded CQ Scale (E-CQS) and the AL Questionnaire (ALQ). The relationship between CQ and AL is assessed. The findings of this study are directed towards student leaders being equipped with both CQ and AL to effectively interact and support diverse multicultural populations within the HEIs.

1.Students mobility around in the Asia Pacific region is at all time high for the past decades due to the world global economic crises in 1998 and the 911 incident in 2001.
2. Student Leaders are at the forefront of HEI, thus are they equipped with CQ?



Dr Faizah Idrus
Assistant Professor
Language and Literacy
The International Islamic University Malaysia

Faizah Idrus is an assistant professor at the kulliyyah of education, IIUM. Her research interests include but not confined to Language, Identity and the community, Sociolinguistics, Teacher Education, Technology in Traching and Learning

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