Building regional collaboration for economic, societal, and brand impact 27 Mar 2019 14:35 15:00

Building regional collaboration for economic, societal, and brand impact 27 Mar 2019 14:35 15:00

Prof Pei-Shan Tsai Presenter


Building regional collaboration for economic, societal, and brand impact

Partnership building is a complex business for higher education institutions, especially when faced with the increasing competition for organizational resources and personal commitments surrounding both the academic and professional staff. For HEIs in the Asia Pacific region, the stress for them to manage their partnerships is no less dire, as institutions – each with diverse cultural background and identity – try to explore effective models for collaborations in the attempt to create maximized synergy within the organization and with their partners. This session will discuss how HEIs navigate their partnership portfolio to agree improvement. Focusing on the experience of Taipei Medical University, the session covers TMU’s lesson in building a commonly agreed partnership evaluation mechanism across its internal stakeholder groups to reach consensus within the institution, and how the mechanism helped academic units to rationalize their investment in international collaboration activities while leveraging external resources within their regional partnership networks to create impact that benefits the communities they work with, as well as all HEIs involved. Audiences with an interest in partnership working and effective collaboration models for HEIs in the Asia-Pacific region are welcome to join the session and contribute to the collective understanding of the floor through discussions during Q&As.

-To build understanding of the Asia-Pacific regional academic collaboration landscape with perspectives in education and research activities;
-To gain insights to the strategic planning and systematic assessment of partnership building at the institutional level to leverage resources and network available for international collaboration;
-To discuss models for collaboration among HEIs in the Asia-Pacific region, identify success factors, and explore potential ways for further development



Prof Pei-Shan Tsai
Dean, Office of Global Engagement
Taipei Medical University

Dr. Pei-Shan Tsai, a professor of nursing at Taipei Medical University, leads TMU Office of Global Engagement to engage with international talent, facilitate collaborations, and promote the institution’s achievements. Working closely with the University’s senior management, Tsai provides strategic advice and practical solutions to the institution’s international development vision.

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