Strategic Planning for Super-partnerships 27 Mar 2019 15:20 16:20

Strategic Planning for Super-partnerships 27 Mar 2019 15:20 16:20

Prof Katherine Belov Chairperson
Dr Margreet de Lange Facilitator
Ms Katherine Beaumont Facilitator
Ms Trine HĂžjbjerg Sand Facilitator
Prof David Weller Facilitator
Prof Hsiu-Zu Ho Facilitator


Strategic Planning for Super-partnerships

In an era of sharply increasing student mobility, what can universities do to provide a better experience for their students and make the process easier for their staff? The University of Sydney which is building towards a target of 50 per cent outbound student mobility and its international partners have embraced a new form of mobility agreement, called a Super-partnership, to tackle these challenges. In this session, Professor Kathy Belov, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement) at the University of Sydney, will explain the concept behind the idea, revealing how the agreements work and what benefits they provide. Kathy will then be joined by representatives from other universities that have signed Super-partnerships to answer questions and discuss the key factors that are common to successful partnerships, the commitment that is required by participants, how to gain institutional support, and the way Super-partnerships can be developed in future.

To discuss and identify:
- the key factors that are common to successful partnerships
- the commitment that is required by participants
- how to gain institutional support
- the way Super-partnerships can be developed in future.



Prof Kathy Belov
Global Engagement
University of Sydney

Professor Kathy Belov is Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement) at the University of Sydney. Her role includes identifying and enabling opportunities for strategic partnerships and collaborations in research and teaching. A leading geneticist, her own research focuses on the immunogenetics and genomics of Australasian wildlife, in particular Tasmanian devils.

Prof Hsiu-Zu Ho
Academic Dean, Education Abroad Program
University of California

Hsiu-Zu Ho is Academic Dean of the systemwide University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) and responsible for academic oversight, academic integration, and faculty engagement across the ten UC campuses. As Professor of Education and Psychology at UC Santa Barbara, her research focuses on international education and cross-cultural psychology.

Ms Katherine Beaumont
Senior Director, Global Learning Opportunities and Student Success
University of Toronto

Katherine Beaumont was appointed Senior Director of Global Learning Opportunities and International Student Success at the University of Toronto in January 2017. She previously worked at the University of Melbourne and the University of British Columbia.

Prof David Weller
International Dean, East and South East Asia
University of Edinburgh

David Weller is the International Dean for East and South East Asia at the University of Edinburgh, and a Professor of General Practice in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Dr Margreet de Lange
Programme Manager, International Affairs
Utrecht University

Margreet is responsible for the coordination and implementation of Utrecht University's action plan for internationalisation. This action plan contains a wide range of activities in the areas of research, teaching and the profile of the university.

Ms Trine Højbjerg Sand
Head of University Education Services, International Education & Grants, The University of Copenhagen, Denmark 

Trine Sand is Director of International Education & Grants at the University of Copenhagen. Mrs. Sand has presented and chaired at various international conferences; EAIE, AIEC and APAIE on international strategic partnerships, MOOCs, women and leadership, and she is appointed to several committees by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education.

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