The China Youth Market: Examining Drivers and Best Practices 27 Mar 2019 15:20 16:20

The China Youth Market: Examining Drivers and Best Practices 27 Mar 2019 15:20 16:20

Dr Colette Plum Presenter
Ms Di Hu Presenter
Ms Anna Esaki-Smith Chairperson


The China Youth Market: Examining Drivers and Best Practices

The number of Chinese students at US elementary schools surged to 2,450 in 2015 from 500 in 2011, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Over the same period, the number of Chinese nationals attending secondary schools in the U.S. jumped to 46,028 from 17,914. While these numbers remain significantly less than the estimated 350,000 Chinese students enrolled at the university level in America, the numbers of young students is forecast to soar especially as the growth in mainland student numbers begins to slow. While the business of creating programs to tend to the needs of Chinese youth were previously handled by commercial providers, universities and other education entities have ventured into this space in order to take advantage of the surge in younger and more focused Chinese students. With getting into prestigious high schools – both in China as well as elite boarding schools in the US – climbing in terms of priorities, this youth market is expected to become increasingly an area of interest for universities. This session will focus on this trend towards younger international students, primarily from China, the drivers for their overseas study decisions and how to best accommodate their needs.

1) Better understand why international students are coming to the US for study at increasingly younger ages, especially from China
2) Absorb the data that provides evidence of this trend, and how secondary school student mobility from other countries such as Japan and Korea compare with China
3) Comprehend how increased regional mobility within Asia might be influenced by this trend for younger students going overseas for secondary education
4) Understand what education providers must do in terms of best practices to accommodate the needs of a younger international student cohort



Dr Colette Plum
Director, University Programs and Global Pathways
UC Berkeley Extension

Colette leads on innovative program development at UC Berkeley Extension geared towards meeting the evolving needs of international students, and is developing and delivering curriculum for pre-collegiate cohorts. She has a PhD in Chinese History from Stanford University and has lived and worked in Nanjing, China.

Mr Bruce G Hammond
Director of College Counseling,
Kunming No. 1 High School International Center,

Bruce G. Hammond was among the first American-style college counselors in China public schools.  He served as Foreign Vice Principal at Tsinghua University High School in Beijing, where he helped to found Tsinghua International School.  He also worked at the High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University and is currently Director of College Counseling at the Kunming No. 1 High School International Center.  Bruce was previously Managing Editor of the Fiske Guide to Colleges and is co-author of four books in the Fiske series.  Bruce received a B.A. degree from Yale University and an M.A.T. from Brown University.

Ms Libby Zhang
Senior Director of College Counseling,
Balboa International Education,

Libby Zhang is the President of Aston Educational Group, Director of AEG Board, Senior Director of College Counseling for Balboa International Education. 
Libby’s experience in College Counseling and International Study Abroad Program started since 2010. Each year, Libby serves students and families via various events and activities, which includes real-life practice to students from public high school districts to private international schools, organizes college fairs and parents lectures in Cheng Du, Dong Guan, Guang Zhou, Shen Zhen ,Quan Zhou to name a few . So far, Libby has worked with over 2 thousands students and families for their College Counseling and Study Abroad programs. Libby received her B.A. in English Literature from Northwest University and a B.A. in Construction Management from Chang An University. She is one of the founders of New Synergy Institute, and certificate holder for Harvard SICA. 

Ms Carol Carmody 
Executive Director,
Study Abroad Foundation,

Carol Carmody is a founding director of the Study Abroad Foundation. Carol began her career in international education in 1989 joining the newly established Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University (IFSA-Butler). In addition to facilitating study abroad programs for American undergraduate students, Carol has experience with English language programs, international student recruitment, and US immigration regulations through her work with the American Cultural Exchange, Butler University, and Ball State University . She is a graduate of Colorado State University and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (M.Sc.) and studied abroad in Austria and Germany while an undergraduate student through IES Abroad. 


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