Internationalization at home: The impact and transformation of University communities. 27 Mar 2019 15:20 16:20

Internationalization at home: The impact and transformation of University communities. 27 Mar 2019 15:20 16:20

Dr Luisa Shu-Ying Chang Presenter
Prof Adriana Rojas-Martinez Presenter
Prof Salmi Marsita Shaari Presenter


Internationalization at home: The impact and transformation of University communities.

How do mobility programs transform the environment and the direction of the University? Mobility programs presents a set of exciting opportunities and challenges for higher education institutions, not just for those who travel outside, but also to the local community that receives international visitors with new ideas, cultures and innovation. International visitors challenge institutions and also inspire new ways of living and sharing. At present, the international mobility programs have to respond to the new requirements of globalization not just abroad but into the University, communities around and the entire nations. Universities are responsible of formulating new strategies to take advantage of having the world into the Institution, and of creating new and more effective internationalization initiatives. The session will include 3 cases study of 3 different regions (Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan) with common perspectives at the Pacific Rim. We will explore a very powerful, diverse and integrated region that could apparently be very different but that shares many common values and priceless experiences.

1) To learn about the advantages of having international students, professors and students into Campuses, and explore the infinite opportunities of Mobility Programs as an element to transform Campus communities.
2) To explore the impact of diversity and integration of international communities into the classrooms and local activities.
3) To understand the similarities of 3 regions of the Pacific Rim, and the advantages to belong to a very diverse and interesting international Region.
4) To foster more collaboration among the Pacific Rim Nations.
5) To create innovative mobility programs as part of the international strategies at the Universities.
6) To give the international experience to everybody, even without going abroad.



Prof Adriana Rojas-Martinez
Director for Asia PAcific
Vicerectory of international affairs
Tecnológico de Monterrey

Adriana Rojas MArtinez is Master in Asian studies. She received the fellowships from Tokyo Foundation for her research activities. She has been a guest researcher and speaker in Mexico, Thailand, Japan, China and UK. She worked as Liaison Office in USA.

Prof J Chris Lin 
Deputy Vice President for International Affairs,
National Taiwan University,

Professor Chris Lin is the Deputy Vice President for International Affairs and the Chairperson of the Department of International Business, National Taiwan University. With an expertise in marketing and brand strategy, he is in charge of NTU’s international marketing and student recruitment strategies. As a professor of marketing, Professor Lin has been consistently receiving teaching awards from NTU for his teaching excellence in addition to several international research awards.

Prof Salmi Marsita Shaari
Director. International Student Center
University of Malaya

Salmi Marsita Shaari is the Director of the International Student Center, at the UM. Her experience includes the management of physical development, human resources and international relations. She is now responsible in promoting academic programs and planning and executing programs that enhance the students’ international education

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