A systematic approach to building an IED strategy 28 Mar 2019 10:05 10:30

A systematic approach to building an IED strategy 28 Mar 2019 10:05 10:30

Ms Jenny Corlett Presenter


A systematic approach to building an IED strategy

For many higher education institutions, diversity, equity and inclusion are strategic priorities and should be woven into every aspect of the institution, from the senior administration, to academic faculties and department, student services, alumni relations and development, and the student community. At times, it can feel like a monumental task. Where to begin? What are the necessary steps to take towards creating a culture of inclusion and diversity in our institutions and how can it be measured to show progress to stakeholders and university administration? This session will demonstrate how higher education institutions can undertake a self-assessment survey of equity, diversity and inclusion that includes a series of questions related to indicators of educational inclusion. These include but are not limited to accessibility, committee representation, education and training, consulting Indigenous communities, and staff recruitment. The assessment provides a benchmark for the organization and from that, the organization can set goals and implementation plans for improvement based on the areas of priority. An example of how this assessment was implemented for an arts and science faculty that has recently increased their international student population and undergoing a period of hiring new academic staff will be used to demonstrate the assessment tool.

• Participants will learn about how they can take a systematic approach to performing a self-audit on equity, diversity and inclusion in their unit or organization and create an action plan for improvement
• Learn about the Twelve Indicators for Educational Equity that are being used by both academic and non-academic units to evaluate the ways in which diversity and equity are present across the organization, and suggest potential goals to increase this further
• Understand how making an institutional wide approach to assessing and benchmarking the environment and climates related to diversity and inclusivity in an organization can help work towards building a culture of diversity and inclusiveness across the institution



Ms Jenny Corlett
Director, International Initiatives
Faculty of Arts and Science
Queen's University

As the Director of International Initiatives in the Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Jenny works closely with the Dean, senior leadership and academic departments to develop new programs or initiatives that support the Queen’s internationalization plan.

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