Summer Schools in the climate of the Digital Revolution 28 Mar 2019 11:00 12:30

Summer Schools in the climate of the Digital Revolution 28 Mar 2019 11:00 12:30

Mr Leolyn Jackson Presenter
Prof Ama de Graft Aikins Presenter
Prof Jeroen Torenbeek Presenter
A/Prof Judy Peter Chairperson


Summer Schools in the climate of the Digital Revolution

Industry 4.0 occurs within the ambits of the revolutionary impact of the past three industrial turns; from the arrival of steam engines, to electricity, the computer epoch, and finally, the digital revolution. Incumbent with technophobias and the looming threat of human capital becoming obsolete, scholars and senior international officers once more find themselves at the crossroads. How do we reconfigure these imagined spaces? It is in this context that we seek to reconfigure and/or continue existing strategies and pedagogies. What is the role of the internationalisation of higher education in established and emerging summer school programmes? Is it a means to create globally competitive citizens to embrace artificial intelligence? Do we grapple with the discourse of the fourth industrial revolution or the pragmatic underpinning value of the technology to enhance the impact on global learning outcomes? These may include notions as comprehensive global learning in transformed contexts, institutional culture to produce co-constructed and collaborative knowledge by multiples partners across borders? How do we negotiate virtual spaces of cultural interaction, seemingly a natural, space for native cyborgs? Does virtual study abroad complement the actual experiences in intercultural dialogues? Are there new frameworks to consider in the current digital revolution?

Formulate global learning outcomes to integrate industry 4.0 Track the evolution of internationalization strategies across universities at different digital phases Identify comparative models used in summer schools and short learning programmes in the epoch of industry 4.0 Have a broader understanding of Higher Education strategies in the Netherlands (University of Utrecht), Ghana (University of Ghana), and South Africa (University of Johannesburg and Central University of Technology)



A/Prof Judy Peter
Director-Academic Services
University of Johanesburg
South Africa

art historian, curator and she is presently Director: Academic Services at the University of Johannesburg. She has published in the areas of gender studies, post-colonial studies and cultural studies in national and international journals and presented academic papers both nationally and internationally in Brisbane, Massachusetts, Rijeka and New York.

Prof Ama de Graft Aikins
Dean of International Programmes and Professor of Social
University of Ghana

Ama de-Graft Aikins is Professor of Social Psychology and Dean of International Programmes at the University of Ghana (UG). She received her PhD in Social Psychology from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and completed postdoctoral training at the University of Cambridge

Prof Jeroen Torenbeek
Director: Summer Schools

Jeroen Torenbeek is Director of the Utrecht Summer School and owner of Ziggurat BV, a consultancy. He has been involved in international relations since 1986 and was Director of the Utrecht University.

Mr Leolyn Jackson
Director: Internationalisation
Central University of Technology
South Africa

Leolyn Jackson has been for the last 25 years in the higher education (HE) sector as a student, a Senior Lecturer, the Head of Student Enrolment, the Director: Southern African-Nordic Centre and the Director: International Relations (IRO) at UWC

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