Examining Indicators for Evaluation of University Internationalization in Asia-Pacific 27 Mar 2019 16:30 17:30

Examining Indicators for Evaluation of University Internationalization in Asia-Pacific 27 Mar 2019 16:30 17:30

Dr Hiroshi Ota Presenter
Dr Yuki Watabe Presenter


Examining Indicators for Evaluation of University Internationalization in Asia-Pacific

Internationalization has emerged as an important national policy agenda for higher education worldwide. Higher education leaders recognize the significance of internationalization indicators and measures in order to drive the transformation of universities to adapt to ever-changing environments and to improve the quality of higher education. Although the various initiatives to develop the frameworks and tools for internationalization assessment has been implemented, it is still a developmental stage to identify a set of effective internationalization indicators. The primary purpose of our research project is to construct a system of indicators for the evaluation of university internationalization which will allow comparative self-assessment among universities in Asia. To accomplish this purpose, we conducted our study in four stages and have selected a set of indicators. In this session, we will present the significant findings of the study and facilitate a discussion with participants about the potential application of those selected indicators at their institutions. Our research team conducted a series of online surveys to Japanese universities (institutional survey) and faculty and administrative staff who engaged in international affairs and relations at major universities in Asia-Pacific (staff survey). The surveys addressed these institutions’ internationalization goals, strategic approaches, and assessment mechanisms including indicators of internationalization.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:
1. Understand differences in the goals of and reasons for internationalization among universities in Asia-Pacific from a comparative perspective.
2. Acquire insight into why and how universities are pursuing internationalization (strategic approach to internationalization) in Asia-Pacific.
3. Comprehend how important universities consider an array of commonly recognized indicators for evaluating their internationalization efforts, examining the impact of national (government) policies on universities’ internationalization priorities and activities in Asia-Pacific.
4. Through analyzing a set of indicators proposed by the presenters that were developed based on the analysis of the survey results, participants will be able to utilize the indicators of internationalization as benchmarking materials for the evaluation of internationalization at participants’ institutions: specifically, for understanding the progress of internationalization from a comparative perspective or for considering future strategies and policies to reinforce internationalization at their institutions.



Dr Yuki Watabe
Associate Professor
Tohoku University

Dr. Yuki Watabe is Associate Professor of the Global Learning Center, Tohoku University, Japan. She received her Ph.D. in comparative and international development education at the University of Minnesota. She has been researching issues related to internationalization of higher education and international student mobility.

Dr Hiroshi Ota
Hitotsubashi University

Dr. Hiroshi Ota is Professor of comparative and international education at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo. His research focuses on higher education policies and practices related to internationalization and international student mobility. Before his current position, he worked for SUNY-Buffalo and Toyo University. Ota received his Ph.D. in comparative education from SUNY-Buffalo.

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