Strategic Vision and Framework Leading to Global Citizenship 27 Mar 2019 16:30 17:30

Strategic Vision and Framework Leading to Global Citizenship 27 Mar 2019 16:30 17:30

Dr Habibah Ashari Presenter
Dr Hajah Zainab Mohd Noor Presenter
Dr Ji-Yeung Jang Presenter


Strategic Vision and Framework Leading to Global Citizenship

In the current context of global trends, it is increasingly important for universities to play an active role to contribute to developing globally competent, confident and connected graduates who embrace diversity. Universities often claim that they are doing so by offering a series programs and opportunities for students. What is common in that approach is multiple silos of programs and isolated results that often make it difficult to understand the university-wide impact. The universities should build a global strategy to achieve their strategic vision and need one framework as the guidepost for benchmarking current practice and executing vision for all stakeholders. 

This session presents the Strategic Framework for Globalization as a tool to address the common pitfalls and bring synergy to capture the connection and impact of various university initiatives. Using the strategic relationship between Ohio University and Malaysia as a case study, this session will explore the best practices in utilizing the strategic framework to capture the story, engage the stakeholders, and make investment decisions to help the university move in the right direction to achieve its strategic vision and develop global citizens.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the strategic vision and globalization framework 

  • Analyze multiple ways to influence and develop global citizenship 

  • Apply the globalization framework to display distinct approaches to achieving strategic vision and global citizenship 

  • Discuss the application and usefulness of these approaches


Dr Ji-Yeung Jang 
Director, Office of Global Affairs, Ohio University, USA

Ji-Yeung Jang, PhD, is director of the Office of Global Affairs at Ohio University where she leads the global strategy, assessment and evaluation, strategic communication, and global relations.

Dr Habibah Ashari
The 14th Tun Abdul Razak Chair, Ohio University, USA

Habibah Ashari was a Professor of Education at UiTM.  Her specialisation are TESL, Higher and International Education and Curriculum & Instruction.  She was the XIV Tun Abdul Razak Chair at OHIO University where her duties were teaching, doing research and outreach programs to foster MALAYSIA-US understanding.

Dr Hajah Zainab Mohd Noor
Director, Office of International Affairs, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Malaysia 

Dr. Hajah Zainab Mohd Noor is currently the Director for International Office at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. She was the former Dean at the Faculty of Education. She received several Gold Awards for ITEX, IIDEX and IIDE in 2013 and a Silver Award and Silver Medal for the Brussels Eureka in 2010.

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