Transnational internships in Asia Pacific: enhancing the global talent landscape 28 Mar 2019 11:35 12:00

Transnational internships in Asia Pacific: enhancing the global talent landscape 28 Mar 2019 11:35 12:00

Mr Edward Pitcher Presenter


Transnational internships in Asia Pacific: enhancing the global talent landscape

This session explores the importance and best practice for international education programming to and within the Asia Pacific region, with a focus on transnational programming focused on career development and building career ready graduates. The session includes key data findings and an overview of current trends for international education and the Asia Pacific. Case studies are incorporated from the presenter’s organization, CRCC Asia, in addition to case studies from colleagues in the field spanning organizational, institutional, and governmental bodies. The session presents a range of case studies from varied stakeholders built to provide a comprehensive understanding of transnational education programs in the Asia Pacific and foster ideas for enhancing global learning competencies and career readiness amongst emerging graduates from a range of perspectives. This session plays particular attention to the global skills gap and strategies for building an inclusive global talent pipeline.

1. Understanding the international education landscape to and within the Asia Pacific: Attendees will understand current trends and the future trajectory of short and long-term international education programming to the Asia Pacific from universities and students worldwide, as well as trends and trajectories for universities and students from the Asia Pacific undertaking transnational exchange within the region.
2. Understanding the global talent pipeline and skills gap: Attendees will analyze and discuss the employability of recent graduates, understand global and regional conceptions of employability, discuss roadblocks to career ready graduates, understand the global “skills gap” and analyze issues of inclusion.
3. Building career ready graduates: Attendees will review case studies, understand best practice, and come away with a strategy for addressing the global skills gap on their campus, building career ready graduates with inclusive programming opportunities
4. Implementing and measuring learning outcomes: Attendees will understand best practice for measuring learning outcomes in transnational education programs, with a focus on career development programs. Information presented via data and studies of best practice alongside case studies from a variety of stakeholder perspectives: host company, university, governmental body, student and organization.


Mr Edward Pitcher
Director of Programs, CRCC Asia, Vietnam

Edward is originally from Leeds, England. Whilst studying at the University of Nottingham he developed an interest in Chinese politics, culture and history which was furthered by visiting China upon graduation. Edward has an international background and has spent time living and working in Ghana, Italy and Australia. Prior to moving to Ho Chi Minh City Edward was working as the UK Marketing and PR Coordinator in CRCC Asia’s London Office.In his free time, Edward enjoys sport, food and travelling.

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